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Sarah's business is centered around Three Day Eventing and retraining Off the Track Thoroughbreds or OTTB's. SDEventing is accepting new students, consignment horses and horses in training 


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I'm Sarah, An Expert in Horsemanship

Whether you have your own horse, need a horse to ride, have never done Eventing or just want lessons and coaching at shows and events, I can help you. Are you in the market for a horse? Would you like a professional's help to make sure you get the right horse for you? Do you need to sell your horse but do not have time to market and ride him? Are you bored with what you are currently doing and would love some help breaking into the Eventing discipline? Have you just bought your dream Thoroughbred off of the racetrack and would like him/her professionally restarted for you? These as well as many other reasons have brought people to SDEventing. 


Sarah Davis Eventing is located at 13263 South Anna Lane Montpelier, Va 23192

By being on the inside of the industry Sarah has the ability to first hand pick the best..


What I Do



Training board and consignment boarding options available.


Training & Lessons

Lessons, restarting, refreshers, coaching.



Make your life easy by having a professional market your horse.

Current Sale Horses


We recently purchased the coolest horse, Uncle Todd, from Sarah. Sarah spent a lot of time working with Todd, showing him the eventing ropes and giving him confidence to go out and be the rockstar he is now. He is sweet, kind and forgiving enough to teach my 14 year old daughter to be an effective and competent rider. Yes, he’s special. But his sheer desire to please and be a good boy could’ve easily been ruined by a trainer not as skilled as Sarah. I credit Sarah for bringing him along so well that he could go in any direction, and do so confidently. Todd was lucky to have Sarah first after his career on the track, and we were lucky to find Sarah. Sarah was professional and prompt in her dealings with us, and has been there to answer my stupid questions...right down to me asking if he’s ever seen electric fence (a month after we brought him home). I would highly suggest Sarah and her horses to anyone in the market. She is honest, professional and knows how to work with these cool OTTBs!

Sarah Austin

Sarah is an excellent teacher and has a real gift for getting to the bottom of what makes the horse and student tick. My daughter loves working with her and Sarah's insight, honesty and pure physical skill with her riding has really helped move her riding up a level. Sarah has deep knowledge in training, behavior and confirmation and catches the small things and works with the student to own them and fix them:)

Kristen Caskey

Recently purchased Brokencall from Sarah and I honestly couldn’t be happier! I felt at ease knowing that I was working with someone that knew what they were talking about and showed a true care for each horse they worked with. I’m so excited to start my new adventure with Brokencall, and it’s all thanks to this amazing person for making it happen! When you buy a horse from her you are truly buying what you asked for with the proper foundation already set in place. Thanks again Sarah!

Tati Perez


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13263 South Anna Lane Montpelier, Va 23192

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