Meet Sarah Davis


A College For OTTBs

Sarah is a three day event rider and trainer with over 15 years of experience.  Sarah has trained with some of the top event riders in the industry such as Kim Severson, Phillip Dutton, and Stephen Bradley.


She got her start with Thoroughbred's exercising at Charlestown. From then on out she has work with OTTBs in retraining off the track and finding them their forever homes. She learned from a young age that her niche is with the Thoroughbred. Their sensitivity, extreme athleticism, and sheer will to perform has made every thoroughbred that she has ridden or trained an amazing experience. It wasn't until she got more involved with the thoroughbred racing industry did she really get to know very intimately about the very beginning of the lives of so many of these wonderful creatures. The goal of SD Eventing is to give as many of these amazing horses a chance to complete college so to speak and learn a career other than racing. This way they can have a successful life after the racetrack.

    In addition to riding experience Sarah is also an A rated pony clubber and has a degree in Horse Management. She has managed and trained for several successful farms such as Hillbrooke Farm, Alex Schoepp International Horse Imports, and Full Gallop Farm.

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